Marketing Musings

There’s Still Time for a Year-End Email … Or a Year-Starter Email

Haven’t sent out a year-end email message yet to your customers or supporters? There’s still time, and you also have time to make it effective. Consider a year-start email if getting a creative year-end email together seems too daunting. Whichever you choose, now’s the time to make the message more exciting and more appealing to […]

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We Get to Talk About Our Name, and We Like It … Do You?

We’re sometimes asked a familiar, but important question:  what does copywriting in your name mean, anyway? If you’re considering a name modification or name change for your business, consider it carefully. The “copywriting” piece of our name, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, means a great deal to our business and our overall business philosophy. In […]

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Does Your Logo Only Mean Small Talk – or True Brand Power?

Is your company logo kind of like that second cousin you see once a year to engage in a brief, awkward conversation near the lemonade cooler? No real meaning, just a glance and some small talk? If the logo for your brand is hanging out there in the background, not saying much to you or […]

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