Marketing Musings

Are You Maximizing the Return on Your Social Media Channels?

It used to be that brands wishing to go social could simply choose which social media channels they wanted to use for customer engagement. Today, that landscape is changing. The public is interacting within a variety of social media channels but for different reasons. For instance, a particular customer might be active on Facebook, Pinterest, […]

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Optimize Your Marketing Plan With Quick Results

When you are running a business you want immediate results. Your marketing strategy is no different. But as you know, there’s a lot of hurry up and wait. A recent Social Media Today article talks about six easy ways to optimize your marketing plan. Start off by expanding socially. Too many of us tend to […]

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Neglecting Customers on Social Networks Hurts Your Bottom Line

At some point in our lives, we’ve all had “that” friend who didn’t make the effort to return our phone calls or initiate conversation. Of course, the feeling isn’t nice – leaves you feeling a little slighted and unimportant, regardless of their intention. Just as communication breakdowns can lead to the dissolutions of friendships, so […]

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