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Is Influencer Marketing a Part of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

Reach Your Target Market Through an Influencer Making influencer marketing a part of your customer acquisition strategy is a good move for reaching your target market. Many small- to mid-size companies dismiss the idea of influencer marketing because they wonder how they could possibly make contact with someone that’s influencing on the national level. It’s […]

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Eliciting Emotional Responses With Your Marketing Strategy

Your Target Market Wants to Connect With You You want your marketing strategy to connect with your target audience in meaningful ways, but have you ever considered the emotional response you’re trying to influence? It’s really what’s at the heart of marketing: making a personal connection that meets a need of your potential buyer. Current […]

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influencer marketing
Trends to Watch This Year in Influencer Marketing

Your Target Audience Loves a Good Influencer, But How Do You Stay On-Trend? Influencer marketing is a great way to get noticed. You borrow the credibility of a person that’s respected in your industry and among members of your target audience. It sounds simple, but there are some new trends in influencer marketing that you […]

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