Marketing Musings

Industry Specific Content: Use it to Sell More Widgets

If you’re a business, you make widgets, of a specific sort. (By widgets, services you offer are also included). You need to sell widgets, to a specific audience. How? You need industry specific content to get the widgets moving. One of the most impactful, creative and versatile tools you can use within business-to-business marketing is […]

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Playing I Spy: How to Identify Your Brand’s Influencers And Create Industry Specific Content

Back in the day when print media was the only way to advertise, brands did not have a choice in target audience. Their audience was simply whoever was reading the articles in the newspaper. Today, because of the addition of social media, you have a much more specific group that you can target with industry […]

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Industry Specific Content to Reach the Audience You Want to Reach

Blogging is widely known to be the strongest pipeline through which to drive traffic directly to your website. It is also the best way to establish a strong online presence. One of the most important things you can do for your brand is to add industry specific contentto your marketing plan and blogs are the […]

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