Marketing Musings

Monday Morning Coffee at the Eastside Rotary Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti, anyone? How about 500 platefuls – all covered with that special sauce that no one (and we mean no one) will share the recipe for? It’s only Monday, but it’s not too early to think about Friday night … and this week, you won’t want to miss the spaghetti heaven offered by St. Joseph […]

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Monday Morning Coffee with Hillcrest Traditional Housing

The numbers about Hillcrest Traditional Housing may surprise you, so hold on to your coffee. The average age of a homeless person in the state of Missouri is 7 years old. During the 30 years that Hillcrest has been operating, it has produced a 95 percent success rate among families who complete the intensive 90-day […]

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Monday Morning Coffee with St. Joe Day of Prayer Inc.

Have a cup of joe today with a non-profit group of volunteers who are working hard to honor a tradition that’s more than 50 years old:  the National Day of Prayer. Events will soon be happening at our nation’s capital on Thursday, May 2, as well as across the nation to honor the day officially […]

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