Marketing Musings

Customer Acquisition Strategies That Work While You’re Not

How to Market Your Business With Consistent Content Wouldn’t it be great to know your business was consistently being promoted by a powerful engine of messages, even when you’re not at your workstation? Customer acquisition strategies are designed to carry out that function, especially when placed effectively within your overall marketing plan. If you’re wondering […]

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Leveraging the Power of Mobile Social Media

All marketers are looking for ways to break through the noise and impact target audiences in such a way that leaves a lasting impression which spurs action. Being relevant in the digital age means abandoning outdated methods and thinking outside the box. Let’s face it, direct mail and print advertising are going by the wayside, […]

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Does Your Logo Only Mean Small Talk – or True Brand Power?

Is your company logo kind of like that second cousin you see once a year to engage in a brief, awkward conversation near the lemonade cooler? No real meaning, just a glance and some small talk? If the logo for your brand is hanging out there in the background, not saying much to you or […]

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