Marketing Musings

How Digital Tools Help You Meet Customer Service Expectations

Despite the power digital tools can bring to customer service teams, many brands still haven’t embraced digital customer service. At SJC Marketing, we see many brands that have an exceptional level of talent, knowledge and experience, yet they struggle to communicate those values to their audience. Some brands are even reluctant to show customers the […]

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Digital Tools Change the Face of Customer Service

  Digital tools have introduced an unprecedented opportunity for brands to improve their customer service. At the same time, digital tools have also opened doors of opportunity to prospective customers. Customers can now complete all of their pre-purchase research without ever speaking to a salesperson. A review on Facebook, Google and or another websites could […]

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Leveraging the Power of Mobile Social Media

All marketers are looking for ways to break through the noise and impact target audiences in such a way that leaves a lasting impression which spurs action. Being relevant in the digital age means abandoning outdated methods and thinking outside the box. Let’s face it, direct mail and print advertising are going by the wayside, […]

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