Marketing Musings

Micro-moments are a key component of a good marketing strategy, with the right message delivered at the right time.
3 Guidelines for Making Micro-Moments a Key Focus of Your Marketing Strategy

Reach Your Target Market at Exactly the Right Moment Micro-moments are happening all around you. Every time you’re in a coffee shop or library and you notice that everyone is intently focused on the phone in their hand, that’s a micro-moment. Dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of times each day, people reach for their smartphones […]

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Use your content marketing to connect with customers at each stage of their purchasing journey.
4 Steps for Making the Most of Content Marketing

Cross-Channel Marketing Starts With a Strategy If you have been trying to implement cross-channel marketing, but aren’t really sure how it works or whether you’re doing it, you’re not alone. While the name makes it sound like you’re simply taking your content marketing pieces and scattering them across a variety of channels, it’s a bit […]

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