Marketing Musings

Brand Marketing Through Stories: Four Easy Tips

Not a storyteller? Only have vague memories of stories as a child around the family campfire? Don’t worry. The basics of storytelling as part of your brand marketing strategy are simple to learn and simple to apply – yet they are more important than ever to reaching your audience. You’ve likely noticed more brands working […]

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Emotional Branding the Disney Way

When you think about inspiration for your brand, there’s no better place to look than the empire built by Walt Disney. For nearly 100 years, Disney has been delivering epic material for the world to enjoy. Their brand keeps customers happy with attention to detail unsurpassed technology and unique products that customers relate to. Disney […]

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Has Your Current Brand Marketing Plan Kept You Out of Google’s Rankings?

When it comes to rankings, Google is King. And in order to make it in the Royal Court, good content is a must. The problem is figuring out how to get on top when it comes to search results. A recent report highlighted in Social Media Today reveals some data that might help us get […]

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