Marketing Musings

Why Your Web Design Matters

Your website shouldn’t just be a place you hang your logo and contact information. Web design matters because people are very visual – take the success of Pinterest for instance. Nothing new information-wise here, but the way it’s presented, now that’s what makes the difference. Good web design can actually inspire a person to take […]

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I Have a Storefront – I Don’t Need a Website

If you have a storefront to sell you products, do you also need a website? Yes, if you want to increase your chances of people actually finding your online store … and if you want to stand out from others in your field … and if you want to be viewed as a welcoming “expert” […]

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Am I Ready for eCommerce?

My business can boom from going global and the only way I can do that is if I push internet sales. That is the secret that will keep my business flourishing and it will take little work to do so. Not so fast! While eCommerce may be the wave of the future, you still have […]

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