Word of the Week: Infographic

An infographic is a great way to showcase your expertise in an attractive way. It’s easily consumed by your readers, and with its combination of graphics and text, it promotes the benefits of each type of content. Here are a few of the reasons why you should try including infographics in your content marketing strategy:

It’s snackable content: With mobile content consumption on the rise, you need quick hits in content marketing to balance your longer blogs and other heavy hitters. An infographic makes a perfect impact because it’s easy to read on a mobile device, yet provides robust statistics and key facts that add value.

It’s easy to share: It’s a big ask to send a white paper to a colleague for their review, and even a blog post may make you cringe when you share it with your work buddy, knowing he’s just as slammed as you are. But an infographic? They are so quick and easy to consume that you can pass it around without even a touch of regret.

It’s a nice canvas for brand promotion: When you create an infographic, you’ll want to do it in your signature style. That means your colors, font and even the style of your images should match your brand strategy’s color scheme and overall look. A good infographic should provide solid content while reminding readers that you are the source of the awesomeness.

It drives traffic to your website: A good infographic leaves your audience begging for more, or at least wondering, “who are these wise experts that seem to know everything about (Fill in the blank)?” That’s just what you want: a crowd of target audience members, rushing to your site to soak up more of your knowledge and hopefully convert to customers.

Now that you’re convinced, let’s get started creating some compelling infographics for your content marketing strategy. Contact us at SJC Marketing, where we’ve got plenty of ideas for a great content for your company.