What’s New in Instagram Marketing?

The last year introduced new features for Instagram marketing. Find out what’s missing in your social media strategy.

Social Media Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

If you’ve been sitting back on your heels when it comes to Instagram marketing, you may be missing out on some great features that have debuted in the last year. While not all social media trends are for everyone, these are a collection that can increase your lead generation and help your brand stand out. Take a look at some of the best new Instagram features:

IGTV: With a name that sounds like something straight out of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, IGTV is Instagram’s new long-form video feature. It’s meant to be vertical video, which means that it’s not as simple as just converting some material you made for YouTube. This is an opportunity for you because many marketers are holding back on IGTV, waiting to see if it’s going to take off. If you’re video-savvy, jump to get out front with this Instagram marketing feature before your competitors discover that people are watching longer videos on social media.

Ads in Stories: The Stories feature in Instagram has certainly taken off, and now the platform is allowing ads to show between the Stories. The catch is that you need to catch the audience’s attention before they click to get past the ad. Create a compelling intro to keep your audience engaged so that they’re not racing off to the next Story.

Streamlined shopping: Instagram marketing has just become more streamlined, straight through to the conversion. You can now embed shopping tags right into your posts, so that consumers can go from inspiration to purchase in seconds, without navigating from Instagram to your site.

New ways to engage: You knew it in the 80s, and it’s no different now: stickers are cool. Instagram is on to it, too, with stickers that can be added to Stories to share their reactions to posts and provide you with insight into your followers’ preferences.

@mention Sharing for Stories: One of the dominant social media trends is simply making the platforms easier to use. Instagram added the ability to tag a mention on your post, rather than being forced to include it as a screenshot in your feed.

If you’re new to Instagram marketing, or if you’re focused on running your business rather than navigating the nuances of social media, contact us at SJC Marketing. We’re watching the social media trends to see what’s popping, and we also know the tried-and-true elements of a solid social media strategy for building engagement and lead generation. Let’s get started using Instagram to grow your business.

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