What Starbucks Can Teach us About User Generated Content

Content Marketing 7Join brands like Starbucks when it comes to your next marketing strategy by utilizing user generated content. What does this term mean? It’s just like it sounds. It is information that consumers share about a brand, usually on a digital platform. Examples include when someone tweets about a bad experience they had at a local retail store, writes a product review on Yelp or posts a photo of their Chipotle burrito on Instagram.

It is important to understand why this kind of content is becoming more impactful than traditional media. The truth is that your audience may trust their peers more than they trust a company. A recent study reports that these posts are more influential and more memorable than traditional media, as well as 50 percent more trustworthy.

You may be thinking, “But what do I do to produce this content? I have no control over what people post about my brand.” Precisely. However, here is an example of a company that has created an opportunity for people to share.

Starbucks created a “Meet Me At Starbucks” campaign focusing on their customers instead of their product. A hashtag, #HowWeMet, was created for people to share their stories with photos on Instagram as well. Take a lesson from this coffee giant and “listen” to your customers on social media. Then, share what they are saying about your brand by retweeting, sharing or regramming on the different platforms.

When creating an avenue for your consumers to produce and share user generated content, be aware that you should not be creating tactics with no real strategy or purpose. That is where we come in. SJC is a full-service marketing firm that can create a unique strategy for your business focused on your industry and your audience. To better understand the impact of what we can do for your company, set up a meeting with us today.

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