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SJC Marketing is offering a free website to a Buchanan County, Missouri, business focused on employee preservation.

Comprehensive Website Evaluation

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Website Evaluation

This free website evaluation from SJC Marketing will provide you with an analysis of the 4 key components of every website: Content, Design, SEO and Functionality. Each of the 4 key components will be graded individually, with an overall grade for your website at the end of the evaluation.


Does the content on your website give the user a clear and accurate understanding of the products and/or services you provide? Does the content tell the story of your brand? Is the content engaging? What kind of value does the content on your website provide to the user? (Content refers to all text, images and videos on your website.)


What is the quality of the graphic design elements of your website? Does the design match the tone, voice and culture of your brand? What is the layout of your website like? Is the layout appealing and make the website flow?


What are the page ranking scores for your website? What keywords is your website ranking for? Are the keywords relevant to your brand and target audience? What is the competition and search volume of your keywords? How do your keywords compare to what your competitors are ranking for? Does your website have meta descriptions and image alt-text?


What is the page load speed for your website? Is your website mobile responsive? Is your website accessible? Does the navigation of your website function properly? Do the links and buttons on your website function properly?

Your website will be a potential customer’s first impression of your brand. First impressions matter, especially in today’s world of split-second decisions. You can have an outstanding product or offer the best services in your industry, but if your website does not reflect that, potential customers will quickly leave your site and find a competitor. 

Fill out the form above to receive a comprehensive website evaluation, free of charge. No hooks, no gimmicks. Just an honest and transparent assessment from a team that designs and builds high-performing websites for a living. 

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