We Are #TeamSJC



Creating a unique company culture and a successful team can be a difficult task.  Here at SJC Marketing, four values keep us on track to growing a powerful team – one we proudly call #TeamSJC.

1. Communication

Through respectful collaboration, we strive for excellence in solutions to the challenges businesses face today in dynamic and competitive markets. 

Every business requires communication. At SJC, our culture demands it. Between utilizing tools online to connecting in person throughout each week, we make sure we’re tackling each task together.

2. Teamwork

We recognize that everyone brings unique talents to the table. As a collective whole, our team is focused on learning and growing together as we continue to stitch our “Patchwork Quilt of Awesomeness.” 

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” There is a reason this saying is a cliché. We truly believe the different talents, skills and abilities from each and every member on our team is what makes us love our job, culture and, of course, the solutions we provide to our clients.

3. Creativity

Consider all ideas as offering the potential to contribute to the unique solutions we’re able to create. 

Isn’t that the very definition of having a creative team? Being open to a few out-of-the-box ideas (like meerkats and promotional vehicles) will circle back around to the opportunities we wish to generate for our clients. If you asked any member on #TeamSJC what their favorite part of being in the office is, you will hear “brainstorming” most often.

4. Strategy

By taking a broad approach to the market, challenges, opportunities and research, we’re able to harness our communication, teamwork and creativity to develop solutions that deliver sustainable results. 

Without strategy, we wouldn’t be able to be an effective and efficient team. Strategy is what pulls together the creativity and communication.

We look forward to connecting with you, via social or over a cup of coffee (or tea). Our office doors are always open for a visit, so you can get a quick peek into our company culture before working with us to put together your unique marketing goals!

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