Want to go Free Range With Your Marketing Strategies?

It Sounds Fun, but Marketing Strategies Perform Best When Managed

marketing strategiesFree range marketing strategies? Sounds interesting, but not your most effective option. Marketing strategies can’t be just turned loose to flow freely online or across traditional tools. They must first be guided by a marketing plan and an editorial calendar. Here are some key tips as you move forward:

Determine exactly who your audience is.
Do the research to find out where they’re going online, what they do when they get there and to learn what they’ll respond to. Release your assumptions about this group and determine a few key truths about them and their buying habits. Return to this information over and over again during the development of your marketing strategies.

Kick start your marketing strategies by nailing down what your core story will be. Do this even before launching your website or other tools. The questions may begin with “why are we here? Why do we do what we do?” Invite all levels of staff and management to freely share their ideas as you work toward that critical core story.

Create an editorial calendar. Now that you know your story, put elements to tell it across an editorial calendar. This means everything – keywords, blogs, press releases, case studies, new website, social media enhancements, video and print pieces. Group the calendar into three-month increments based around how you’ll build interest in your story and how you’ll reveal key elements of it.

Understand and articulate your finish line. Where do you want to be when the year is up? Make this part of team brainstorming. Write your goals in different areas, such as earned news coverage, increases in leads or donations, or growth in social media engagement. Record your small successes are you go for extra inspiration.

Want to talk about these steps with our professional, experienced team? We’re here to listen. Contact SJC today, and leave the “free range” element to something else (rather than your marketing strategies). They’re simply too important to your business and your growth to be left unmanaged.

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