Viral Videos Aren’t Just Cat Fails … Anymore


The Impact Video Marketing Can Have on Your Return on Investment

A well-designed video has the potential to stretch beyond your audience. Did you know that if you are pushing out well-produced and engaging videos, their sharability factor offers an opportunity for more than just your followers to see what you do?

YouTube started off the evolution of video with a bang, and as marketers, we are all grateful. But now video is everywhere – Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat stories; we’ll even throw Periscope and Vine in there (RIP Vine).

If one of your Facebook followers views and shares your company’s 30-second video to their network of 752 friends (it kills us not to put friends in quotes), and even just two of their friends comment on or share your video, the next thing you know, your video has been viewed over 5,000 times and reached by at least double that amount.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, just offer visitors a video and they’re 55 percent more likely to check you out. And you know what we did to make you read this blog? We put the word video in the subject line, and in doing so, increased our chances of you opening the email by 13 percent (sneaky sneaky). It’s a powerful tool and it’s not going away.

Are blogs and white papers and case studies still important? Absolutely. But people have short attention spans and many brands are competing for that attention. So you need to take it a step further. How can you turn information from your case study into a video? We recently did this very thing to showcase one of our client’s success stories.

SJC Marketing has an in-house video team who can be on-site for a video shoot or produce an animated or motion graphic video for you. We believe in the power of visual elements, especially video. So let’s get together and discuss your goal and target and then we can help create the strategy and plan to ensure the best success for your video marketing!