Audio & Video Production

If you think pictures are worth a thousand words, then video is worth a thousand bucks. Okay, we wish this were guaranteed. It’s not, but it’s definitely necessary to capture your audience. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to read text. You’re probably wishing for the last 30 seconds of your life back now from reading this. Sorry boutcha.

The possibilities are endless right? It may have started with YouTube, but we now have Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, gifs, animation videos — just to name a few. So how can you bring video marketing into your brand strategy? We’d love to help you discover how. With our in-house videographer, we can shoot and edit commercials, client testimonials, snippets for social media and then some.

Podcasts are another great way to engage your target audience. Listeners love them because you can listen anytime, anywhere, and, when done well, they have the feeling of sitting down in your living room to talk with a few friends. When you podcast, you give your listeners the opportunity to get to know your brand as they gain valuable information related to your service or product.

Think podcasting is out of your price range? Don’t be so sure. Your initial investment is relatively minimal, requiring a couple of microphones and good editing. That’s where we come in. Our podcast production team is ready to help you create a quality sound that’s all your own, complete with a catchy tune, a memorable podcast name and a strategic broadcasting schedule. Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and a couple of microphones and see what we can create. Both videos and podcasts have proven powerful for us and many of our clients. Let’s chat.