Video Continues to be at the Center of Marketing Trends

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How to Approach Video Marketing Strategies

By next year, it’s predicted that marketers will flood the Internet with video content. In fact, a study by Syndacast, a digital marketing company, suggests that nearly 75 percent of  Internet traffic will be video by 2017. What marketing trends should you follow, and what video marketing strategies should you employ to be a more effective marketer?

Here are a few important tips:

SEO is Important

If your content isn’t search friendly, you’re not going to have as much success in getting your content in front of your target audience. Marketing trends are often dictated by what Google has in its search algorithm. It’s no different with video, even though Google can’t read that form of content. However, if you transcribe your video, Google can make sense of it and index it accordingly. Try using Javascript plug-ins to pull up the script as captions or as an interactive script.

Formatting Matters

Unfortunately, video doesn’t fall into a one-size-fits-all situation where content length is concerned. This means that the way you format your video for Facebook isn’t going to be optimal for YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. You have to take into account that when people log on to YouTube, they’re prepared to settle into a 14 minutes video – about 10 times longer than what they’d watch on Facebook (according to a study by ReelSEO). Twitter users will watch a 30 second video. Instagram viewers will view for twice the amount of time as they do on Twitter. Be flexible when you approach your social media video content and be ready to format for every channel.

Connect With Viewers

Are you interacting with your viewers? Every like, comment and share you get on your videos is an opportunity for your organization to engage the viewer in conversation. Don’t let criticism about your videos be a roadblock. Again, this is an opportunity to talk to your target audience about what they want, how you can serve them, and how you can move in a direction to meet their needs.

The Power of Analytics

Marketing related to analytics has moved into something much more than just a trend. Video marketing strategies regarding analytics prove just that. In fact, every goal you set for your video marketing efforts should be measured through analytics. It’s more than just counting views; it’s about how long the viewer watched it, where they are watching from (channels), where they live and how many of your videos they’ve seen. Get in tune with the latest analytics sites to bump up your analytics approach.

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