Are You Utilizing Video in Your Content Marketing?

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Integrating Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Enrich Your Content

We are mid-way through 2017 and video is rapidly rising as an integral part of content marketing. Are you utilizing video as a part of your content marketing strategy? If not it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy to see how this powerful tool can help you share your brand message. Here’s a look at how you can get started with video marketing:

The Power of YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, seeing around 3 billion searches every month, and that number is only climbing. Google owns YouTube, which means when you post to YouTube, you can improve your ranking on Google as well.

To get the best return on searches that will increase your site traffic, you need to know what people are looking for within your industry and create content around that. Then you can produce videos around that content that will engage your target audience.

To leverage the power of YouTube and draw in your target market, here are a few tips for strong video content:

  • Be engaging and don’t be afraid to use comedy to make a statement
  • Answer all the common questions
  • Offer product reviews
  • Use video tutorials to help educate your target audience
  • Plan a live video session on Facebook for timely events
  • Go behind-the-scenes to show your organization’s “personality”

Integrate Video Into Your Email Marketing

Email is still a valuable way to engage your target audience. By embedding video into your email campaigns, you’re ramping up the chances

that your recipients will pay attention to what you’re saying.

You do, however, need to focus on value. A successful video marketing campaign will offer value in the form of enriching content. Our marketing professionals at SJC Marketing, can help you identify and create content that has the value that will impact your potential clients.

Teamwork, communication, creativity and strategy are the core values at SJC. Contact us today and let’s get started on a marketing campaign that will put your brand in the limelight.

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