Are You Utilizing Social Media Analytics to Reach Your Target Audience?

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How to Get Started With Analytics For Your Facebook Marketing

You may have heard that there’s a lot to be gained by using social media analytics to shape your content topics and posting strategy. If you’ve never used Facebook marketing, it can seem a bit daunting to get started. However, it just takes a few steps for you to get started with analytics and experience immediate results in areas like engagement and website traffic.

Facebook Analytics is a tool that can be utilized for free but is designed to track results with Facebook Ads which do cost. It used to be that Facebook only showed the latest interaction with your contact, but it’s now possible to see the entire path to conversion, or whatever stage they happen to be in. There are a lot of great features to analytics for Facebook marketing, including the ability to see which audience members are engaging and custom dashboards to see critical data.

Here’s your guide to getting started with social media analytics on Facebook:

First, install the Facebook pixel. This is the necessary first step to accessing the Facebook dashboard, where you’ll be able to see your analytics overview. From the dashboard, you can click on options to see active users, funnels and purchases. As you become more familiar with the social media analytics you want to capture, you can customize your dashboard with specific charts that are important to your conversion process.

Get comfortable with reporting. Reports show your trends over specific periods of time and can help shape your content and timing of posts, as well as help you recognize sub-sets of your target audience. You can also create cross-channel funnels to find out which interaction paths result in the highest conversion rates. To do this, go to Activity, then choose Funnels and create a new funnel.

Use social media analytics to shape your Facebook marketing. The importance of analytics is never reporting for the sake of reporting, but instead the impact that they have on your content choices and, ultimately, your revenue growth. Identify the topics and formats that are most successfully engaging your audience and leading to the behaviors that you want your audience to engage in.

Social media marketing can be a time-consuming process, but with the right analytics, you can use it to experience significant growth. Are you too busy to wade into the social media world? That’s where SJC Marketing comes in. We can offer guidance for an existing social media marketing strategy, or manage the entire plan for you. Give us a call to talk more.

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