Utilizing Facebook to Reach Your Target Audience

target audience

Creating a Marketing Plan That is Detailed is Key

Before many digital resources and social platforms existed, companies had to pay market research firms to obtain any details about their target audience. Today you can find some of that same data through social media platforms. When creating a marketing plan, one of your first tasks is to identify your target market. Most likely, you know this because of the product or service you’re providing. Having a social media presence will help you find out even more about your target audience. Call it creeping or stalking…but we like to call it free market research.  Here are a few tips you can utilize on Facebook to reach your target audience:

  1. If you already have a Facebook business page with followers, start digging into their profiles (as far as it will let you go). What are their interests (music, food, books)? What do the majority of their status updates talk about? This could be a time consuming task, but again, a free and important one. The goal here is to start targeting some of your posts to those specific brand advocates who will find an even stronger connection with your company.
  1. Start analyzing the insights on your page. What are the demographics of those following you? What posts are you getting more engagement from?
  1. For little money, you can create Facebook ads that are very specific (highly targeted) to your target audience. Remember, when you’re creating a marketing plan, give lots of details about your market: how old are they, how much money do they make, where do they like to shop, what other brands are they interested in, what music do they listen to, etc. The more information you have for these ads, the better quality reach you’ll receive and hopefully convert to followers, customers and clients.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with the ins and outs of possibilities on social media, but we do want you to know, there is a way to find and communicate with your target audience on a budget. We get it. We were once a start-up and still are a small businesses that values putting our money where we’ll get the best bang for our buck.

Some of you are also busy enough that you don’t have time to be the one putting the work into your social media advertising, but you still understand the value of it. Please reach out to us. We have a team of social media experts ready to work with you.  Give us a  call today.