Using Your Marketing Strategy to Improve Customer Service

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Customer service may be something you only think of in relation to your sales team or service providers when, in fact, it should extend much further. There are opportunities to improve customer service in every aspect of a business, including marketing. Integrating customer service into your marketing strategy ensures that consumers know how much they are valued every time they come into contact with your brand.

If you limit the focus of customer service to in-person contact, you miss valuable opportunities to build upon your relationships and reputation with consumers. Making customer service a part of marketing discussions opens additional lines of communication with consumers. Social media, newsletters and emails can all be used to let consumers know that you’re listening and that you care about their feedback.

Consumers value the true lifestyle benefits of a product or service. Approaching marketing with a customer service mindset helps you identify the frustrations consumers are experiencing. It also helps you present your product or service as a solution in a way that is relevant to your audience.

Another reason customer service is a critical consideration in a marketing strategy is the conversations that are going on about your brand. These conversations will happen whether you’re a part of them or not. When you have a strategy for consumer engagement or complaints, you’re able to respond promptly, in a manner consistent with your brand messaging. You’re able to be a part of the conversation when it’s happening.

It takes manpower to make customer service a focus across your business. For many businesses, both large and small, this means outsourcing marketing to a team that is experienced in integrating customer service into marketing strategies. At SJC Marketing, we work with brands from a variety of industries to help them extend customer service into marketing actions.

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