How to Use Content Marketing to Connect With Your Target Audience

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Social Media Strategies for Making the Most of Your Content Marketing

If you are using only traditional marketing ideas, you may be missing your biggest opportunities for growth and revenue. Television commercials, billboards and direct mail campaigns are not without marketing power, but online marketing has opened up new ways to create loyalty and relationships with your customers. When you make content marketing a key part of your social media strategy, you find new ways to connect with prospective customers.

At SJC Marketing, we specialize in content marketing as a foundational strategy for helping companies grow. Check out our newsletter to learn more about what we do and then read through these social media strategies to see how you can implement content marketing for mining new opportunities and connecting with your audience:

Identify your target audience. Before you create a content marketing plan, you need to determine who you are targeting. If you create a plan that is designed to appeal to everyone, it may miss the mark with the people that are most likely to buy your product or service. You need to know the age of the audience you are targeting, their interests and income bracket and what keeps them awake at night. Your goal is to become a reliable source of information and a trusted source to solve their problems.

Present your core value proposition. What is it that makes you different from your competitors? You need to identify the part of your brand that tells who you are and what you have to offer. Once you have created your brand message, use it as the foundation for every blog post and social media update. Everything you create should send a uniform message about your brand and about what value you bring to your customers.

Decide on the social media channels that are the best fit. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, just to name a few social media channels, are all created to serve a different purpose. You need to determine where your target audience spends their time and the purpose of the time they spend there. For instance, a B2B company will favor an investment in LinkedIn, where topics are business-related over Facebook, which is more appropriate for B2C social media strategies.

Content marketing is ideal for repurposing. Don’t create a blog or video and then sit back and hope it will go viral. You need to be strategic, posting it in multiple places and testing different methods to see what gets the most attention. Be sure to include a way for your customers to respond, such as a call to action and a place to click for more information.

Combine content for greater impact. Images, video and text are all effective forms of content marketing. However, the appeal increases as you combine these modes to capture the various ways people process information. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, add images to your blogs, text to your images, and so on.