How do You Use Content Curation in Your Social Media Marketing?

content curation

The Best Social Media Trends Involve Both Creation and Curation of Content

Reading your target audience for the right content curation can be challenging.

There’s a lot involved with content curation that can’t be boiled down into a few bullet points. However, there are a couple of guiding principles that will help you with your strategy.

Understand your audience and what’s important to them. First, it’s easy to go overboard with curated content. Make sure that what you’re sharing is important, timely and necessary before you post it. It only takes a couple of poor choices here to lose your target audience. A couple of wasted clicks and you’ll lose credibility quickly.

Do you know the challenges and issues your audience is talking about? If you’re not sure, spend some time on Quora looking around at what your niche audience is discussing. If you’re not in touch with the current trends in the industry, you might lose you audience by posting curated content that would be really helpful if it were 2015.

You should also be careful that your content is customer-focused, not focused on your product or service. People easily sniff out an advertisement, but they’re also wary of content that’s not so direct, but doesn’t really serve their needs.

Don’t lose your focus on created content. Curated content has its place, but the real opportunity to build brand recognition, establish your reputation as a leading voice in your industry and cultivate brand loyalty is with original created content.

This is where you demonstrate that you know and understand the unique challenges your audience is facing in their personal life and in their jobs. You can invite conversations and you keep your audience with you. When you post curated content, there’s always the possibility they’ll associate that information with the original source, and not with your posting of it.

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