The Unique Social Media Marketing Approach for Webinars

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Reach Your Target Market to Improve Conversion Rates

Hosting a webinar is a low-cost, high conversion event that adds value to your target market. The key is getting the right people to fill up your webinar. It’s not enough just to count heads and determine it’s a success. Through social media marketing, you can reach the right people and increase your conversion rate on your webinar.

Here’s the insider’s guide to marketing a webinar on your social platforms:

Get into “don’t miss out” mode. Getting the word out about your webinar is different than other types of marketing you’ll do. It’s a one-time event, so you’ll use different wording and a higher level of urgency than you would for a simple “check out our website” type of appeal. Think about the incentives you could offer to your target market to get them to sign up early or to bring a colleague.

You also want to sell the value of your webinar. What will your attendees walk away knowing or being able to do as a result of attending? Before you get started marketing, have a clear set of objectives for your event.

Set up your landing page. For each of your social media marketing ads, you’ll direct attendees to a landing page, where they should be able to access registration and details about the event. Emphasize again on your landing page that this is a rare event that they’ll want to be sure to attend.

Design your marketing materials. While there will be some variation in your ads across different social media platforms according to the specifications of that site, you’ll want your basic design to be consistent. Decide on a color scheme, images and text that you’ll use and stick with them throughout your marketing efforts.

Create unique ads for each social media platform. Depending on your industry, you may only do social media marketing on one or two platforms, or it may be beneficial for you to promote your webinar on multiple sites. Optimize your materials for each setting, depending on the requirements of the site and the audience you’re attempting to reach there. A Pinterest or Instagram post is going to look far different from a LinkedIn post, but they should each be immediately identifiable as part of the same marketing campaign. Be consistent with the essentials.

Consider a test. If you’re just getting started with webinars, you may want to do a small test run of your marketing materials before you invest too much in the process and find that you’re not getting the traffic to your landing page that you’d hoped. In fact, you may even want to do a soft start with a webinar in general, keeping both your investment and your attendees limited. This can be a good way to try it out, conserve your marketing resources and determine what a likely conversion rate would be for a bigger event.

A small webinar can also have additional benefits, like the opportunity to connect on a more personal level with the attendees and build relationships.

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