Unfiltered Marketing Welcomes PI Consulting Group

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Why Your Company Needs to Take the Emotion Out of Talent Management

Our second season of the SJC Marketing podcast, Unfiltered Marketing, opened with special guests Bob Clark and Sharon Morford of PI Consulting Group sitting in with some of our Team SJC members.

PI Consulting Group uses scientifically validated assessment software to help businesses achieve maximum velocity toward their business objectives. Bob and Sharon sat down with the SJC team to share what makes the resources that PI Consulting Group offers unique and distinctive from other assessments available.

Here are some of the great discussion topics:

Why some businesses grow quickly and then stall: Bob and Sharon discussed why it’s important to have different types of employees during different stages of a company’s life cycle. While risk takers may be valuable in early days, eventually companies need to hire managers that can create and implement systems for a larger organization.

How the Predictive Index helps take the emotion out of human resources: Companies need to hire individuals as managers that can make the tough decisions and act when they realize that an employee is not working out. When you use a tool like the Predictive Index, it helps add a level of objectivity to a process that may otherwise fall to a gut feeling or simply whether you like the candidate. It also helps you hire the right person in the first place, so that there are fewer tough calls to make.

The challenges of managing multiple generations in the workplace: In many instances, Baby Boomers are managing Millennials, who are right out of college. While Baby Boomers may be accustomed to a command-and-control model of leadership, Millennials may favor a teamwork approach. The Predictive Index provides some insight into the ways that people thrive, and gives a roadmap for areas like offering more or less structure or more autonomy to an employee.

This is just a sampling of the conversation that took place on Unfiltered Marketing this week. You can access the podcast now and catch up on all the talent management wisdom from PI Consulting Group. If you’re just tuning in to Unfiltered Marketing, be sure to embark on an all-out binge and listen to our first season!

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