Unfiltered Marketing: Thinking Beyond the Viral Video

Is blogging still cool? Yes it’s still a powerful marketing tool.

In this week’s episode of Unfiltered Marketing, the podcast for SJC Marketing, we are continuing to have some fun with our “Small Fries to Big Guys” series. Covering some of the big marketing trends of 2018, our team is taking those big marketing concepts and discussing ways they can be implemented in any size of business.

In Episode Two, you’ll hear us talk about one of our favorite topics, video marketing! The topic of learning to implement video into a marketing strategy is one that our team can discuss from experience, since we have significantly bumped up video production in the past year. Our team recently engaged in a video brainstorming session and came up with a few key strategies and ideas for 2018.

Here’s what we are focusing on, and you’re welcome to jump in on the ideas and use them in your own marketing:

Optimizing for and posting to YouTube: Many people don’t know that YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine. While the site wasn’t originally intended to work as a powerful search engine, it provides an easy way for your audience to find your videos.

Not only will you benefit from your audience being able to find you on a search, but YouTube is community-oriented. There are a lot of ways for people to engage with a brand, from leaving a comment to issuing a thumbs-up or down and sharing your video. YouTube’s algorithm encourages engagement, and it’s much easier to stumble onto a video through YouTube search than it is through Facebook.

Using Video to Showcase Your Personality: Like other kinds of content, such as blogs or infographics, your videos should never be primarily about sales. They should be about adding value for your audience, communicating your brand message and building loyalty.

One of the ways to do this is by showing off your personality. For instance, SJC will be creating rapid-fire question videos, which have nothing to do with marketing. It’s just about letting the audience get to know the people at SJC.

Another idea is to create a Facebook Live think tank, in which you go live and allow your audience to ask you anything during a set amount of time. Be sure to promote these types of videos ahead of time so that your audience is prepared with their questions.

We share lots of other great ideas in our podcast but no matter what kind of quirky video idea you come up with, be sure to post it when your audience is most active. You should also cross-promote your Facebook Live video, letting your Twitter and Instagram followers know that you’ll be hanging out on Facebook at a particular time.

Get started: A lot of people ask what it takes to create a viral video, but our video and audio designer Zach Doyle points out that nobody ever makes a viral video by creating just one video. You need to cultivate the strategy of video.

In fact, the viral video is not the key to growing your sales. Getting hits on a viral video is a different goal than creating a video that increases engagement with your audience and leads to sales growth.

Be authentic in your video. Account manager Jen Roup, discusses how Facebook Live is a pretty scary deal for her, but telling your audience that being on live video is a little terrifying for you is part of that connection you are forming.

The final answer: The only wrong answer when it comes to video is avoiding the medium or not changing it up if you’re not getting the results you want. If the thought of diving into video marketing overwhelms you, reach out to an agency that can assist you.

Be sure to listen to the full episode of Unfiltered Marketing, and if you’re new to our SJC podcast, check out Seasons One and Two!