Unfiltered Marketing: Dishing on Dough With Dan Danford

Is blogging still cool? Yes it’s still a powerful marketing tool.

If you’re not listening to Unfiltered Marketing, the weekly podcast from SJC Marketing, you’re missing out. Not only are you missing out on the inspired musings of our team, but there are also great guests that offer expertise on a wide variety of topics and industries.

This week, tune in for a special interview with Dan Danford, Founder and CEO of Family Investment Center, a fee-based financial service with clients across the St. Joseph and Kansas City metropolitan area and across the country. Dan has appeared in several major media publications, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and is a regular contributor to Investopedia.com. Dan also regularly hosts a podcast for the Family Investment Center called Money is Freedom.

Dan sat down with Susan Campbell, President of SJC Marketing and Rachel McCoy, Account Manager for SJC to talk about his experience starting his own company and his unique approach to financial advising, as well as a new book called Stuck in the Middle.

There’s a bit of a kinship between Family Investment Center and SJC Marketing because they share a similar approach in how they work with clients. In both the financial industry and in marketing, there’s real value added when the client has the opportunity to describe their unique situation in detail and receive a set of customized solutions that address their concerns and help them thrive, both personally and professionally.

Dan began Family Investment Center after spending years in the banking industry working on trusts, both at a corporate bank and with three partners at a trust company. While working in these positions, Dan began to envision a blueprint for the company that would eventually become Family Investment Center.

The approach of Family Investment Center is unique, because rather than working on commission and facing frequent conflicts of interest when advising clients, the advisors at Dan’s company are fee-based. This pay structure allows the client to have the full assurance that when they receive advice, it’s for their benefit only.

Dan also stresses that financial planning is no longer a DIY endeavor. People are living longer, and they need a more nuanced and expert approach to money management for 30+ years of retirement. Decades ago, people only needed to plan for a few years of comfort after working, but today’s retirement needs have become more complex.

One of the challenges that Dan and his team regularly face is the wealth of information available to the average consumer. Every newspaper and magazine includes a financial advice column, and while the concepts might be useful in certain situations, they rarely make sense across the board. One of the most important roles that advisors fill is acting as a filter for all this information. It’s important to take a compelling argument for managing your money a certain way and run it by your advisor to see if it’s applicable to your situation.

Dan has a lot of financial wisdom packed into this 30-minute podcast. For instance, find out why you should never take financial advice from friends or family and how retirement planning is a lot like touring with a rock band. Intrigued now, aren’t you?

You’ll like Dan’s colorful and refreshing approach when it comes to managing your money. Listen to the full podcast and catch up on some good advice for making the most of your retirement planning.