Trending Thursday: Your Best Content Ideas May Be Right In Front of You

Trending Thursday
Are your content ideas feeling a little too familiar? Does it seem like you’ve been down every road before?

Keeping your content engaging, effective and interesting likely started out as an exciting part of your brand efforts. As time passes, you may find your organization struggles with relevant, valuable and fresh content because you feel you’ve exhausted a list of initial concepts. Or you’ve gotten too busy with a constant stream of other tasks. Or perhaps you’ve lost sight of the campaign idea that got you sparked to action in the first place.

Recently AdWeek highlighted how Brookdale Senior Living is effectively sharing the brand story that’s right in front of them – the question regarding “who will take care of you when you’re old.” It’s the timeless question that may have gotten overlooked as the senior living industry continues to explode with growth. Through a series of very simple, personal videos, Brookdale lets you see and hear exactly what’s on the hearts of the people who work there. At the end of the series, the answer to the question “who will take care of me” is clear. The campaign message about quality and integrity is also clear, too. Through real-world, simple video stories, long-held stereotypes about caregivers starts to crumble.

As video continues to gain even more strength as a powerful messaging channel, this campaign is a reminder that the source for good content ideas could be right in front of you – your team. Previous examples from other industries have proved this concept to be true, such as the young woman who started a pet-shipping business for international customers. Using only video shared on Facebook, she showed in detail the behind-the-scenes actions (and great care) her team takes with each pet transport. That’s it. It was wildly successful and launched the business to popularity in rapid fashion.

Your brand story is your opportunity to interrupt a stream of messages your audience receives – but this doesn’t have to intimidate you or be difficult. Sometimes returning to the main question that your product or service answers (or the main problem you solve) can be the key. Sharing that message will be a natural next step once you’ve clearly identified it.

The truth is that authentic, engaging content ideas really are everywhere. They might just be so basic that you overlook them if you’re searching for ultra-flashy, all the time. Today take a step back and really look at what it is you’re providing your audience and how you accomplish that task. Your next great message campaign will likely emerge.

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