Trending Thursday: Chick-fil-A Comes Through For Their Target Audience

Trending Thursday

As if moms didn’t already love the personalized service of Chick-fil-A, now the popular fast-food chain has figured out how to keep their target audience coming back for more. Chick-fil-A is beginning to incorporate “Mom’s Valet” at many of their locations around the country.

Mom’s Valet works like this — you drive through like you normally would to receive your order to go, but then once you pull around and wrangle your kids out of the car, the staff, whose pleasure it is to serve you, has set up your table, the number of high chairs you need and all of your food. It’s like you made a reservation AND ordered your food so that when you got there … voila! Genius.

All this is, is paying attention to your consumers! Chick-fil-A knows that a large part of their target audience is moms with young kids, which equals chaos in the ordering line. We’ve all been to Chick-fil-A and have seen the young kids who can’t make up their minds or argue with Mom because they want waffle fries, not a fruit cup! All this happening while Mom is juggling Sissy on her hip and hanging on to Bubby by the hood to keep him from flying into the play zone.

As far as we know, Chick-fil-A is a bit of a first mover for this concept in fast food. But we can guarantee, that if it’s as successful as it appears to be, other restaurants that cater to this same audience may follow suit. It’s all about knowing your target audience, their needs, their wants and what makes them want to come back.

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