Is it Time to Make Changes to Your LinkedIn Campaign?

Your LinkedIn campaign efforts could get a boost with these tips.

Boost Your B2B Marketing With These LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for B2B marketing, but it is important to consistently re-evaluate how it is working for your company and make changes to your strategy as needed. If you are looking to boost your LinkedIn campaign results consider these key tips:

1. Sponsored Content
Utilize LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail. Instead of being sent to your landing page when clicking on an ad, users will instead be routed to a page where they can fill in a form, which can be auto filled for convenience. This will give you pertinent information on your target audience.

Make sure you don’t use too many fields in your form because you don’t want it to be too much time consuming or complicated. Also, make sure you include a message that tells your target audience what value they’ll get by filling out the form.

2. Test and Improve
B2B marketing objectives must be measured so that you know your campaign is on the right track. When you test your ad creative in LinkedIn campaign content, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your efforts.

In some cases, choosing different images or graphics can make all the difference in the world. Try running two different ads with the same copy and see if one gets more interest than the other.

3. Targeting Your Audience
LinkedIn ads allow you to filter your audience, which means you’re personalizing your LinkedIn campaign for maximum effect. You can filter your ads to hit the people you want to reach based on their job title, function, seniority, company size and basically any other aspect for a more targeted effect.

Once you have created your buyer’s persona, you can really focus in on content that speaks to specific topics that will interest your target audience.

At SJC Marketing, we’re proud to work with a number of B2B marketing professionals in a variety of industries. If your LinkedIn campaign is becoming stagnant, let us help you fine tune it.

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