Three Tips for Creating Content for Your Nonprofit

Get These Three Groups of People Involved When Creating Content for Your Brand

Creating content on your blog or social media platform is important for nonprofits that run primarily off of donations and fundraising efforts. Telling your story and the tales of those you serve can create passion in the readers, who will hopefully share your posts and blogs. There are three target groups who should be sharing yourcreating content content with their circles via their personal social media pages or otherwise.

Board Members

Board members have a vested interest in your brand and could have highly influential friends. If these people share or retweet to their followers, influential donors could be hearing your message. Even better than using your words, you can even suggest that they start creating their own content about your brand and why they love to support it.


If your nonprofit doesn’t have a group of social media savvy people to share your content and make things go viral, assemble one today. Volunteers care about your brand and may be already telling people about the work that you do, but the ones who aren’t may just need you to simply ask them. Consider posting photos of people working at your site; people are more likely to engage with photos of people that they know. Those who are passionate and invested in your brand can light the fire to other community members as well.

Those You Serve

Having people who use your services share information about your brand and tell their stories is a powerful strategy. We know that many nonprofits may not be able to tell about their clients, whether they are legal or privacy reasons, but consider changing their names but still telling stories. If you are able to share stories, you have the ability to create buzzworthy pieces that are ready to go viral.

If you don’t have a storyteller on your team or the time to put towards creating content for your brand, consider calling SJC. We know the value of quality pieces and the channels in which to best share your nonprofit’s story. We want to make your brand shine in order to gain donors so that you can continue in the philanthropic work that you do.

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