Three Easy Basics for Your Toolbox of Social Media Marketing Tips

social media marketing tips

Social Media Trends Aside … The Basics Still Matter for Success

Are you feeling a little burdened by social media marketing tips? You’re not alone. It’s tough for businesses of any size to determine which of the tips circulating online are the most worth their time – and which ones could be ignored. Further complicating the issue is the reality that you may have more than one person on your internal team who works in your social sphere, and you could have team members of differing levels of knowledge.

Today, take a moment and consider a return to the basics surrounding social media marketing tips. (Even the newest social media trends have their roots in some classic guidelines that may not change all that much).

1. Social media is still, at its essence, a conversation. What does it take to maintain a good conversation? Consistency. A tone of respect or cheerfulness is helpful. Sharing valuable information is also key.

2. Overselling never sells. It’s tempting to use numerous platforms simultaneously to sell what’s great about your company – but be careful. A social media strategy that involves useful information from other sources, good video elements, engaging images, testimonials and other tools can sell your audience on the quality of your offerings better than using social media to continually shout out what makes you awesome.

3. You’ve got data. Use it. Many companies fail to recognize and utilize the ins and outs of social media data. Because the platforms have become so precise in who they’re geared to reach, you can become more precise in your measurements and adjustments. If you haven’t yet, start by using Google Analytics on your website to find out which social media platforms are driving key traffic to you. Don’t overlook utilizing data as a powerful resource as you build your own list of valuable social media trends.

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