Are You Thinking About Outsourcing Your Blog Writing?

Content marketing in the right hands can lead to increased outreach.

Leaving Content Marketing to the Experts Can Improve Your Reach

Most organizations see the value in blogging. It moves traffic in their direction and establishes them as a thought leader in their industry. Unfortunately, too many organizations don’t have the time or expertise to see a return on their blogging investments, which is why outsourcing your blog writing could be key to your marketing strategy.

When you outsource your blog writing, you not only free up valuable hours of your time, which you can devote to things you’re an expert in doing – you can improve outreach goals.

When you have an experienced content marketing team leading your blog strategy, the results seen in improved traffic to your site can be a boost for your marketing efforts. A study from HubSpot found that companies that put an investment toward blogging saw 55% more visitors to their websites. That should be proof enough to start looking for that trusted third-party to tackle your content marketing efforts.

Content marketing done right involves several phases. The first is the planning phase in which you begin looking into the various topics that might be good information for a blog. This requires research so that you know what’s going to hit home for your target audience.

The next phase is actually crafting the content. This too takes research because you’re establishing yourself as an expert on the topic. And while you might be an expert, you might not have the writing experience required for creating an impactful blog. By outsourcing your blog writing, you can bring experienced content marketing experts on to your team.

After creating content, the next step involves proofreading what you’ve written and editing it for maximum impact and accuracy. The final phase is adding in images, powerful links and finding the right channels through which to get your blog out in front of people.

Not one step of the process can be shortchanged, which is why you should outsource your blog writing to a professional. Consider the cost associated with hiring a person who has the experience necessary to do this in-house. Copywriters with five-plus years’ experience are costly plus when you outsource you can gain a whole team instead of one person.

At SJC Marketing, our highly experienced team is ready to assist you with your blogs, so contact us today and let’s talk about where to begin.

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