Things We’re Inspired By: Monday Morning Coffee and VML

Monday Morning Coffee

There’s competition and then there’s inspiration. The global, award-winning ad agency, VML, is our inspiration. And you know what they did for us recently? They brought us into their recently expanded, vibrant home office in Kansas City, Missouri, in the downtown airport, and gave us two and a half hours of their time with members of their leadership team.

You may have heard of a few of the tiny brands VML represents, like, Gatorade, Wendy’s, Quik Trip and Ford, just to name a few. They have almost 3,000 employees in 26 different locations worldwide. They encourage integration and live and breathe collaboration.

SJC Marketing’s President and Owner, Susan Campbell, was first introduced to VML’s Chief Technology Officer at a senior marketing class presentation from Missouri Western State University students. He then came to speak to a smaller group of team SJC and offered up a collaboration session at VML anytime. So Susan and SJC’s account managers made a trip to Kansas City at the end of March.

We talked, we collaborated, we laughed, we learned about all the ways VML is innovating new marketing tools for their clients and — we connected over the fact that even though we’re completely different sized agencies with different focuses and clientele, we share in the same kinds of successes, the same frustrations, the same learning moments, the same faux paus, the same energy … and the list goes on.

We are so grateful for the time spent with VML. To learn and be inspired was encouraging and motivating. It is collaboration like this that sets companies apart — the ability to brainstorm and share knowledge with other professionals is a powerful way to grow. At SJC Marketing, we actively seek out opportunities to learn from other agencies and appreciate everything that members of the VML share with us.

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