The Power of Referrals: Monday Morning Coffee With Baker Chiropractic and Rehab

Baker Chiropractic 1Time and again, we have clients asking for our opinion on the power of referrals. Each time, we answer with a resounding “We love them”! The truth is, referrals and word of mouth are among the most powerful tools a business can have from a marketing standpoint.

Recently, I attended a “First Friday Coffee” event held by the Maryville MO, Chamber of Commerce. While talking to a gentleman about businesses in town, he mentioned Baker Chiropractic and Rehab. He explained that whenever he gets the chance, he tells people about his amazing experience there. As I listened to him praise the clinic, I learned that this specific chiropractic office is much more.

Baker Chiropractic offers a full spectrum of wellness care with lifestyle coaching and help with diet and exercise. The gentleman also told me that living with diabetes has become easier after receiving services from Dr. Matt Baker. It is that comprehensive approach to wellness that has satisfied customers speaking highly to friends and family.

Just from our conversation, I learned that Baker Chiropractic is a place that I would definitely visit should I find myself in need of such services solely based on the fact that someone spoke so highly of his own experience.

Baker Chiropractic and Rehab has taken great steps to ensure that their good rapport with their patients is followed up by a great website that explains their full spectrum of services and also has an impactful story about how Dr. Baker found his calling as a chiropractor. They also have a great following on Facebook.

Because Baker Chiropractic has such strong engagement with their clients, there is a great foundation for more ways the clinic can further reach their target audience. As the gentleman proved at the Chamber event, customer referrals are impactful. There are numerous ways to reward patients with a referral campaign, among other opportunities to foster a steady stream of recommendations.

As SJC Marketing, we are constantly assisting businesses in reaching their specific audience, but our expertise doesn’t end there. Marketing strategies, creative content and targeted social media management can take any business to the next level. Contact us today to find out more.