The Magic of Social Media for Startups

New Brands Can Build a Strong Foundation for Online Success by Paying Attention to Social Media Trends

What do startups need for a successful social media launch? For your new brand or business, creating a buzz cansocial media for startups start before you open the doors. Social media trends provide the traffic brands need to launch a new product. Here are some tips and examples on how social media for startups have proved successful.

  1. Claim a hashtag: Prior to launching your social media presence, creating a buzz online is very important. Not only will a hashtag create SEO, it also gives another way for consumers to find your brand online. Hashtags also allow all of the content on social media platforms to be compiled into one list, so they are easy to view. This also means that others who use the hashtag will be contributing content along with you.
  2. Create a teaser: Research other brands who have had success taking advantage of social media trends. Many of them have used social media to ignite excitement about their new product. Peak the curiosity of your brand with sneak peaks, such as the popular chocolate maker, Cadbury. When the brand decided to launch a new social media presence, they teased their audience by live streaming behind-the-scenes glimpses of their team building a giant Facebook “like” thumb out of their famous chocolate candy. This not only brought huge traffic to their website, it also laid the foundation for a strong following. Cadbury immediately had over forty thousand Facebook fans in its first week of the launch.
  3. Building with engagement: Heinz may not be a startup, but their new product lines deserve the kind of attention given to social media for startups. The brand was launching a new line of baked beans and decided to create buzz online with the launch of an app where they could interact with their consumers. Heinz enthusiasts flocked to the app to find out which bean they were most like, which translated into Heinz building the brand’s following by 30,000 on Facebook.

These brand stories are excellent examples on how social media for startups can be a very important tool for your launch. Social media strategies are one of the the first steps that SJC Marketing takes with clients who are looking to launch their brand. Contact us to start your success story today.