The 4 “Ws” of Email Marketing Basics

email marketingIs your business ready to take on an email marketing campaign? It’s a great idea and will be a worthwhile endeavor, but there are things you need to know about email marketing before you start. Here are the four “Ws” to help you understand how email is a great platform for your business.

What: What is email marketing? It is a strategy through which your brand communicates directly through email. It involves a strategic plan that targets specific consumers and provides a clear call to action.

Who: Who is still reading their emails? According to Forbes, over 90 percent of consumers check email daily.

When: When should a business send out emails? Online researchers have reported that emails are most likely to be opened during the middle of the week. Monday morning emails tend to get erased in order to clean up a cluttered inbox. Also, many consumers are more likely to interact with online messages during less busy times of the day, like early afternoon or evening.

Where: Where are consumers opening their emails? This trend is easy to track: over half of consumers are opening emails on a mobile device. This means your messages should be easily read on smaller screens and have quick, clear messages that consumers can interact with. This accessibility is one of the reasons why sending coupons or other incentives through email is so effective. If a consumer is already running errands or making other purchases, they are more likely to engage in your offers as well.

Now that you know the basics, take your email marketing plan to the next level by contacting SJC today to learn how we can create a strategic plan.