What Are You Thankful for This Year? We Say Google Analytics!

Google Analytics

This year, when everyone’s going around the table, sharing what they’re thankful for, you’ll probably hear the old stand-bys: family, friends and good health. Take the leap, be a little different (and out yourself as a pretty legitimate nerd) and say what you’re really thankful for: Google Analytics.

Just between you and the stuffing, take a close look at why Google Analytics really is one of the best things that ever happened to a marketer:

It’s free. The price makes the top of the list because, in a role where proving your return on investment can require some serious calculus, this one is an easy victory. Other analytics tools both cost money and don’t give you as much information as Google Analytics.

You get key information on some of your most plaguing marketing questions. From learning your bounce rate on specific pages to finding out which social media platform delivers the most visitors to your site, Google Analytics helps you determine where to focus your budget and make adjustments to build leads.

It’s customizable. Choose the data that’s important to you, and create customizable reports that show you the information you need to gain insights and make informed decisions.

It integrates with other Google tools. When using Google Analytics, you can integrate it with Google Adwords and other key solutions that help you build a strategic marketing plan.

You get real-time insights. At any given time, you can access Google Analytics to find out what visitors are doing on your site right this minute, as well as the behaviors surrounding those visits.

Find out where your visitors are coming from, and what makes them leave. You can learn whether your visitors tend to access your site from a mobile device versus a desktop, as well as what time of day they’re most likely to visit. You’ll know whether they’ve visited through an organic search or because of a link on social media, and you’ll find out which page tends to end the interaction. Maybe your product pages take a long time to load or they’re not intuitive, but Google Analytics help you gain insight into these elements.

At SJC Marketing, we try to cut to the truth and talk about those really important parts of life that make it all worth it, like the day you claimed the good stapler in the office. You know it matters. If you’re waiting to try Google Analytics, contact us at SJC. We can walk you through some great tools and by turkey time, you’ll be singing the praise of Google Analytics at the dinner table. Just be sure to mention your mom, too. She’s got the pie, after all.

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