Teamwork is the New Online Language

Say Goodbye to Old-Fashioned Brand Loyalty


Recently part of our SJC team traveled to the Social Media Today Social Shakeup Conference in Atlanta, GA, and here’s one major point we discussed repeatedly: we’re dealing with a collaborativeSJC BLOG 3 economy now, one where consumers really aren’t that into brand loyalty.

So what should you do, then, to retain and grow your audience base?

1. Think like they’re thinking, and consider teamwork as a major goal. Speakers at the Social Shakeup from big brands like Coca-Cola, Google, Adobe and others already are. In fact, Social Shakeup panelist and speaker Katy Keim, from Lithium Technologies, reminded us that when it comes to customer engagement, all experiences are shared now. Customers are operating teammate-to-teammate, giving personal tips, recommendations and even bartering and sharing products together.

2. Reflect this attitude of teamwork in considering how you can give your customers the actual mission of doing something for your business. Yes, you can (and should) ask your customers to become part of your mission, not just buy your stuff. Keim and other panelists noted the recent ice-bucket rage for the non-profit ALS. The audience for ALS was given a mission to help solve a funding/awareness problem, and they carried it out with gusto – thus strengthening the brand in the process with little outside influence from executives.

SJC BLOG 13. Create an online community where teamwork is the philosophy. Social Shakeup speaker Anneke Seley, author of Sales 2.0, discussed how content (well-written) and social media tools not only drive the online community, but they are also changing the way sales are made. Major brands like Sephora and Barclays Bank are responding to these changes with great success. They post questions in an online community discussion that’s also a direct tab on their website. Audiences for Sephora are answering and discussing hundreds of beauty topics a week, and some are rising up to lead a loyalty charge toward Sephora products. (Meaning brand success and sales are being achieved from the inside out via brand “experts.”)

There’s no doubt the rules have changed and teamwork is part of the online scene in a huge way. Everything from hardware to groceries to household services are being bartered, bought, sold and exchanged in new communities online. This week, reach out to our team at SJC for help in figuring out how your brand will respond to these changes — and to learn how to build a new kind of brand loyalty.


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