Marketing Musings

Monday Morning Coffee (and a Chicken Biscuit on the Side) With Chick-fil-A

The saying goes, “You always want what you can’t have.” This is so very true for Chick-fil-A. We always crave it on Sundays, the one day they are closed. However, it’s a great thing that they are closed on Sundays since it gives people like Jared Johnson time with his family. Jared Johnson is the […]

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Faith Meets Football: Monday Morning Coffee With the National Day of Prayer

This week, have your cup of Joe with a non-profit group of volunteers who are working hard to honor a tradition that’s more than 60 years old: the National Day of Prayer. Events will soon be happening at our nation’s capital on Thursday, May 1, as well as across the nation to honor the day officially […]

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Monday Morning Coffee With UPCO

Animals are an integral part of St. Joseph, Missouri. They are part of the livelihood of the community, which is quickly becoming one of the nation’s and the world’s leaders in animal health and agricultural science. This focus on animal health spans several decades and includes several milestones. One of St. Joseph’s longstanding animal health […]

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