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Social media trends come and go, but keeping track of them is valuable as you evolve your marketing strategy.
These Trends Mean It Might Be Time to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Social Media Trends That Could Impact Your Marketing Are you still using social media for product awareness? While that’s still an option, there are other valuable uses of digital marketing platforms. No doubt, keeping tabs on all the social media trends is no small feat. However, you can’t afford to miss out on these […]

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Micro-moments is a digital marketing term that describes the instant that a consumer reaches for their phone.
5 Tips for Including Micro-Moments in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn About a Key Marketing Trend You Shouldn’t Ignore You may have heard of micro-moments, that split-second opportunity you have to connect with your audience when they have a need. You’ve seen it in action every time you see someone ask a question and then reach for their phone to answer it with a search. […]

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