Surprisingly, Silence Often Trumps Other Social Media Trends

Feel free to speak your mind, but social media trends reveal that most people prefer to play it safe.

Reaching Your Target Market Through Cautious Messaging

One of the great ways to differentiate your brand is to post something distinctive on social media. Whether it’s just the right note of humor or a unique insight into a current event, these types of posts can stir up public support and create new loyalty to your brand. Getting a grasp on social media trends requires putting a spin on things that are all your own voice.

The trick is that you want to reach your target market with just the right message, but you’re aware of how wrong these things can go. Make an ill-timed joke and the entire social media world can turn on you. You watch the negative comments, angry emails and crushing tweets roll in, wondering how your brand managed to make everyone angry.

How do you avoid such a social media crisis? The simple answer is silence. While you won’t think of refraining from a post as one of the flashier social media trends, it turns out that it really is one that will serve you well.

Research highlighted by HubShout shows that in general, people are becoming more cautious with what they post online. This may seem impossible if you feel like you can’t get on social media without being offended by political posts.

Their findings indicate that in the last two years, rather than becoming more divisive in their posts, as you might expect, individuals are demonstrating more caution. In fact, while in 2016, 31% report never posting anything divisive, that number grew in 2018 to 34%. This may seem like a small increase, but it’s rather significant in a two-year time period.

Brands and individuals alike need to embrace an understanding of the First Amendment. While nobody can be censored or punished by law for a post, they certainly can lose their job, their customers and their reputation for a badly-worded post or one that expresses opinions that are not acceptable to their target market.

It’s critical for companies to understand these social media trends and help employees understand the boundaries of their social media freedoms. A rogue social media manager could derail a successful marketing campaign when choosing a poorly-timed joke over the safer trend of silence.

How far is too far when it comes to a social media post? Contact us at SJC Marketing, where we can help you navigate all the intricacies of social media trends, including knowing when silence is your most savvy solution.