Successful Social Media Marketing Might Look Different Than You Think

Make Room for Value in Your Marketing Strategy

As you look around at your competition, it’s clear that everyone is spending time and resources on social media marketing. They’re posting regularly, joining in discussions and producing videos on everything from launching a new product to showing the behind-the-scenes work at their locations. You’re doing the same, but you have this nagging feeling: How do you know when social media marketing is working?

With a lot of other business investments, it’s easy to determine success versus failure. If the return on investment (ROI) was positive, it was a good move. When it comes to your marketing strategy, there is more to consider when measuring your ROI.

Know what your goals are for social media marketing. Even a prominent presence on Facebook or LinkedIn rarely translates directly to dollars. Instead, social media provides a great way to build engagement with customers. Here are a few items you might include when you’re determining your goals:

  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Increased website traffic
  • Reducing the cost of customer service
  • Valuable information about your audience
  • Exposure to new audiences

The responses and behaviors of your audience are a valuable tool for crafting future messaging and will help tell you which types of posts are most effective. This is often overlooked when creating a marketing strategy for social media but it is a key element to look at.

Consider your resources.  Is there someone on staff that’s naturally a social media marketing genius? Maybe they not only know the ins and outs of LinkedIn, but they also seem to have a knack for writing a good intro post for a content piece. Encouraging members of your own team to engage on social media is a good way to increase the success of your social media marketing.

Think about that channel. With the above advice, it’s good to also use caution. You may have a staff member that loves Snapchat, but all signs point to the lessening popularity of that site. Spend time on the social media platform that your target audience favors, and watch for signs that one site is eclipsing another with the people you need to reach.

Measure and adjust. Use social media analytics to see how your posts are performing. Did you see an increase in website traffic after you posted an explainer video with a call-to-action that directed them to your site? That would be a clear success. Make adjustments as you go along and learn which formats of content your audience prefers and the right length of a post, along with the right time of day for posting.

At SJC Marketing, we eat, sleep and breathe marketing strategy, but we know that’s not everyone’s idea of fun! Turn over your social media marketing to us, so you can focus on running your business (and we can have more fun!). Contact us for more information.