Stay Tuned for Season Three of Unfiltered Marketing

Is blogging still cool? Yes it’s still a powerful marketing tool.

If you’re a regular listener to Unfiltered Marketing, the podcast of SJC Marketing, you are already familiar with the unique business ideas that are featured on the show. Hosted by some of our creative team members, our podcast delivers fresh marketing content that’s always completely unfiltered.

Recently, our team engaged in a killer brainstorming meeting, where we constructed a playbook for a full new season of the podcast. While we don’t want to spill the details just yet, in Season Three you’ll hear a variety of conversations covering new trends in marketing and practical tips you can use right away.

This season will also feature some exciting guests sharing their own marketing successes. If you’ve listened in the past, you know that SJC works with clients in a variety of industries, so you’re sure to hear some ideas that will work for you! If you haven’t been in the Unfiltered Marketing audience before, now is the time to catch up on prior seasons. Take a listen to Season One and Two, and be sure to join us for our most exciting lineup of episodes yet!