Stay on Top: Watch Out for These Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing 13Planning your content marketing strategy starts like any good race, with a steady pace and a clear view of the finish line. How do you train for the most effective content marketing trends that businesses will see this year? Here are some tips to get you started:

Distribution is key: With so many vehicle through which to flush out your content, there is no reason to stick to just the basics. Yes, blogs and social media links are important, but content marketing trends are also pointing to forums, discussion groups and reviews, which can be found on many websites and social media platforms, especially LinkedIn.

Integrate your entire team: Don’t limit your content to just your marketing team. Encourage your company’s entire team to also share content to increase the reach. The more people who are sharing your content, the larger your potential reach will be.

Keep messages short and strong: Don’t limit your content to just providing blog posts loaded with keywords. Keep in mind that your audience is always under the impression that they are in a hurry. They want content they can quickly browse but still get the gist of. Use eye catching photos or graphics that help extend your message and keep the paragraphs short and simple so that your audience will not be intimidated by too much reading.

The most important thing about following content marketing trends is that content should be used to generate leads, not just reach large audiences. In order to turn your messages into a means to capture leads, you must give your audience a reason to interact with you. Asking questions, collecting contact information and keeping their interest will all increase the chance they will come back for more information.

At SJC, we are on top of the trends and make it our mission to use those trends to increase our clients’ success. Learn more by contacting us today.

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