Startup Marketing Tips

How to Market Your Business

The American Dream – most would define this as working for yourself and doing something you love so it doesn’tstartup marketing tips feel like work at all, right? If you’re pursuing that dream with a startup business, at some point you’ll need to start marketing your goods or services. Unless your startup is a marketing agency (if so, you’re our competition and please stop reading right about … now), you may need some startup marketing tips you can begin to implement.

We know the reality is, as a startup, you have a million things you want to do, 100 things you should do and a budget to stick to. To get your marketing started, consider the startup marketing tips below:

  • Smart Insights says, and we agree, “Writing is the most important secondary skill of a startup.” You’ll be writing your business plan, mission and vision statement, an elevator pitch … and the list goes on. If it doesn’t come naturally, it takes practice, just like anything else. And note, blogs really are essential, especially if you’re wanting your cool new website to climb to the top of those search engines. So blog writing should also be on the top of your list.
  • If you’re going to do it, do social media right. Doing it right means being on the right platform for your business and being consistent. Social media is a relevant and affordable way to begin marketing your startup, but it takes commitment to do it well. And don’t forget, the writing is always important.
  • You will definitely need a startup marketing strategy. Where do you even start? Smart Insight’s best advice is to “try, measure, analyze and repeat.” There is a lot of trial and error, testing and going out on a limb that will happen. Don’t be afraid to be different or “out there.” Just make sure you’re measuring it all along the way to see what is working.

Let’s face it. You’re pursing your dream, which likely wasn’t to become a marketer (and if it was, you didn’t listen to the rules in paragraph one). All the options can be overwhelming, so keep in mind Peter Drucker’s quote: “There’s nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that shouldn’t be done at all.”

SJC Marketing knows a little about marketing for a startup as we were one 10 years ago. We would love to help you find the best ways to market your business in an affordable and efficient manner and help you pursue your American (or Australian or Polish or Mongolian – you get the idea) dream.