Startup Marketing Tips That Work With Your Budget

startup marketing tips

Digital Marketing Trends Can Work in Your Favor

So you’ve got yourself a startup. Now what? It’s simple (but not really). You need to get that service or business some digital real estate. If you think you can’t afford to carry out any startup marketing tips that matter, think again. You can put your own spin on your messages – and then save the outside marketing expertise for some core areas you need off your plate.

First, realize this: social media isn’t for your own glory. It’s for your audience to use, share and enjoy. Over-promotion and too many salesy messages won’t get you there. Instead, start making a list of valuable ideas or concepts you think your audience wants to hear. You can turn these into a social media strategy later – or hire a marketing team to do it.

Pay a little to get started. You may want to consider some paid social media ads, or sponsored content on Twitter. These tools don’t take a lot of time or money to set up and can help you reach a certain demographic.

Got keywords? Get them. There are some very worthwhile keyword search engines out there, and the time and research you put in will pay off later in terms of relevant content that helps direct audience searches come your direction. Professional marketing agencies can plow through these phrases for you, helping take the time and frustration out of the process. This is one of the startup marketing tips you can’t afford to overlook.

Make it easy for customers to act. Allow for easy and swift access to email sign-ups, pdf documents and other resources that allow you to establish a bigger audience base from the get-go. Making it easy and fast for your audience to take action is a digital trend that’s definitely holding its value.

Get to know some gatekeepers. When you have an awesome piece of content on your hands, such as your behind-the-scenes video about your company or your super relevant blog post, share it directly with reporters and top bloggers. Make a list of your favorites and dig in to get some of your content in front of them. This doesn’t have to be off the charts media coverage to be effective. You might get hundreds or thousands of shares if you establish a relationship with a few top bloggers in your industry.

Whether you’re looking for startup marketing tips, or strategies for long-standing brands, contact our team at SJC Marketing today. Getting the big things right in the beginning (and the middle) can save you money later and open the door to opportunities you hadn’t even imagined.