Startup Marketing Tips: Creating Community Through Social Media

Social Media Strategies That Work

One of your top goals as a marketer should be to establish a relationship with your target audience. The relationshipstartup marketing tips has to be meaningful and long-lasting if it’s going to produce the best results. One of the best startup marketing tips to consider today is developing social media strategies that can put you on the right path to reaching all of your goals.

Build a Plan

Your first course of action is to create social media strategies before you build your social media pages. You can limit your ability to succeed in building a community if you jump ahead and put ideas in front of prospective clients that haven’t been thought through first. In fact, before you even decide which channels you’re going to use in your social media, develop your objectives and goals, think about your audience and figure out the most appropriate approach based on the preferences of your audience.

Find the Channel

When it comes time to choose your channels, it might seem logical to start with Facebook because it has more than a billion users. However, if your audience is more likely to join a community you create on LinkedIn, that’s where your focus should be. Perhaps your audience is more aligned with Pinterest – go there first and explore ways to make your brand stand out. Don’t be afraid to pay to play. For instance, marketing businesses find great success with promoted tweets and Facebook Ads.

Build a Community

Building a connection with your target audience can boost profits, but it can also help create earned media that works in your favor as you try to spread the word about your brand. Startup marketing tips often begin with this one: make your community speak for you. The catchphrase for this is “brand ambassadors.” When you build an online community through your social media channels, you’re connecting like-thinking individuals through quality content that sparks interaction. The right social media strategies will create multiple brand ambassadors and social media influencers that inadvertently work for your brand.

Monitor Your Strategy

Congratulations! You put hard work into your strategy and you spent many hours building your community. However, now is not the time to rest. Social media strategies don’t end with the completion of your page build – you have to continually monitor your performance in each channel. Look for third party apps that help you quickly and easily evaluate your performance and make adjustments as needed.

SJC Marketing has a wealth of startup marketing tips from which to work. We know how to build a brand through creating a community in social media channels. Contact us today for more information.